Search for family members of Chiew Kok Pau

Chiew Kok Pau

SIBU: Sibu Hospital is searching for family members or the next-of-kin to a male patient identified as Chiew Kok Pau.

According to a statement released by the hospital, the patient was admitted to the Medical Ward (15) in Sibu Hospital on Oct 13.

It was also stated that the patient could not provide further information about his family or next of kin due to a medical problem.

“Based on the information received from Sibu Hospital, the patient is a 63-year-old Chinese man and the address in his identification card states that he is from Sarikei.

“The patient does not have his family members or next of kin’s contact number for the hospital to notify of his condition,” the hospital said in a statement on Tuesday (Oct 26).

As such, the Sibu Hospital appeals to the public to contact the hospital’s medical social officer Nur Athirah Rawi at 084-238818 or 084 – 343 333 (extension 6105) if there is any information about Chiew Kok Pau or leads about his family.