Search of missing sailor continues today

SIBU: A 27-year-old Indian sailor, who has been missing since Monday, has not been found as of yesterday, the second day of the search.

That fateful day, the man was on a sand-carrying vessel that was towed near Daro Ferry Terminal.

According to a witness, the man was walking along the edge of the vessel when he slipped and fell eight feet (2.4 metres) down into the Lassa River.

The initial search was carried out by his co-workers but they could not find him.

The second day of the search for the missing sailor came up empty.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department operations centre, the search for him was continued by 31 personnel yesterday.

The search technique used is called “Water Surface Search” using a boat within a radius of four kilometres upstream and the same distance downstream from where the man fell.

At press time, due to strong current and low tide, the search operation was called off at 5.15pm. It will continue today.