Search on for victim

The location where Sarkawi was attacked by a crocodile.

PUSA: Betong firefighters, police personnel and villagers are searching for a missing 61-year-old man from Kampung Tampan Pusa.

Sarkawi Talip was attacked by a crocodile while collecting rumbia stems at Sungai Undey yesterday afternoon.

“The incident happened when the victim was alone and tying the rumbia stems by the riverbank.

“One of three friends who were with the victim saw a crocodile attacking him. The reptile later dragged his body upstream,” said a statement from the State Fire and Rescue Operations Centre (PGO).

It said a distress call about the missing man was received by Betong Fire and Rescue Station from Pusa Police Station at about 3.45pm.

Following the call, three firefighters along with Emergency Medical Response Service (EMRS), led by Senior Fire Officer II, Henry Jugah, were dispatched to the village.

The SAR operation was conducted with a search radius of   1km upstream and 1km downstream from the victim’s last known location.

The operation also involved four police personnel, 80 villagers and 13 long boats.

The SAR operation was adjourned at 6.43pm yesterday.