Search operations launched for missing sexagenarian

Singwa Ngap

KANOWIT: A search and rescue (SAR) operations has been launched for an elderly man reported missing after he went out to send food to his wife who works at an oil palm plantation on Tuesday evening (Jul 6).

State Fire and Rescue Department operation centre said 66-year-old Singwa Ngap had gone out to send food to his wife who works at Ladang Pelita Kanowit oil palm plantation.

However, the victim failed to reach his destination and has not returned home since.

The victim’s family realised he was missing on Wednesday night and has lodged a missing person’s report on Thursday morning.

The operation centre said the victim suffers partial paralysis on one of his arms and has a history of seizures.

The victim has yet to be found as of 5pm Thursday. However, the SAR team have detected the victim’s footprints and found a fruit basket believed to belong to the victim.

The operation centre said search is continuing.