SEB ensuring stable power supply in Lundu, Sematan

A fault at Tower No 3 affected Batu Kitang-Bau Line 2, causing supply interruption to residents along the route.

KUCHING: RM233mil worth of new facilities and installations to strengthen electricity supply reliability for Lundu and Sematan projects have reached completion.

Lau Kim Swee

Sarawak Energy utility arm Syarikat Sesco Berhad’s chief executive officer Lau Kim Swee said the projects were implemented as Lundu and Sematan had recently experienced a spate of supply interruptions due to various external causes ranging from bad weather and landslides to fallen trees damaging electrical poles and lines and excavation by third party contractors.

“Efforts are being made to reinforce the supply system for residents in Lundu and Sematan. Currently, they are receiving their electricity supply from the Batu Kitang substation through double circuit 33kV overhead lines that run a great distance of about 100km and long lines are susceptible to disturbances.

“A fault at one point can affect the whole network leading up to Sematan. Hence, we are currently working to shorten the lines by creating additional circuits following the completion of the Tondong Substation.”

He also assured folk in Lundu and Sematan that they were prioritising efforts to improve and strengthen reliability of supply for these areas.

“We understand the inconvenience they face whenever they experience supply interruptions and our operations team are placed on standby 24/7 for immediate deployment to minimise interruption time.”

Yusri Safri

Meanwhile, Sarawak Energy vice-president for distribution Yusri Safri said supply to Bau, Lundu and Sematan was interrupted due to a fault in one of the electrical towers that affected the Batu Kitang- Bau line on July 25.

“Our team had to perform an emergency shutdown at 12.30pm on July 26 to allow repair works. Supply was normalised at 2.50pm the same day.”

He further said due to a landslide near Kampung Haji Baki along Jalan Batu Kitang around midnight a week ago,  electrical cables were damaged, affecting supply to residents in Batu Kitang all the way to Sematan.

“Our team managed to restore supply at around 2am through another circuit. Additionally, our team continued to monitor the performance of the supply lines, especially supply to critical facilities like clinics and water treatment plants.

“We are also mindful of the vaccine  storage centre for Lundu and Sematan and our team is in close communication with the Health Department should they need backup supply.”