SEB to cultivate in-house technical experts

Sarawak Energy building.


KUCHING: Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) on Friday (Sept 24) launched its Generation Academy aimed at cultivating a team of in-house technical experts in energy generation.

The academy is a based on a digital platform that provides employees with a virtual learning environment to increase productivity and develop creative solutions.

“Generation Academy is a crucial step forward in the development of our people. We have always believed that our people are our most important asset.

SEB CEO Sharbini Suhaili

“It is essential that we cultivate a competent workforce and have our very own Sarawakians as our pool of experts contributing to realise the state’s energy development strategy. It also provides equal opportunities within the Sarawak Energy team through inclusivity and knowledge transfer,” said SEB Group chief executive officer Datuk energy generation.

The academy comprises three components – Generation Technical Learning, Virtual Learning Library and Generation Connect.

Generation Technical Learning is a structured learning framework that focuses on power plant operations, mechanical and electrical maintenance, hydrology, dam safety, and asset management, among other topics. Experienced employees will assist by sharing their knowledge and on-the-job experiences.

Virtual Learning Library serves as a centralised resource centre on energy generation-related issues whereas Generation Connect acts as a technical sharing programme with regular technical seminars organised among workers for greater synergy.

James Ung, chief executive officer for SEB Power

Officiating at Generation Academy’s launch, SEB Power chief executive officer James Ung said the academy would improve the company’s value proposition.

“It has always been a corporate ambition to have our own Generation Academy where we are able to chart out programmes and utilise learning approaches that are practical, relevant and are real time,

“Knowledge transfer is a major feature of the academy and what better way to build up the team’s skills than by learning from the experiences of seniors who are seasoned in their field,” he said.

Senior vice president for Human Resources Dr Mak Met

Meanwhile, Sarawak Energy senior vice president for Human Resources Dr Mak Met, said Generation Academy’s successful establishment was a monument to purposeful collaboration and a valuable product for the company, its employees, and the energy industry.

“Setting up the academy began in 2017 and to have it materialise now is a timely achievement for our competency assurance initiative. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this online learning portal provides the team access to upskill and learn from one another from wherever they may be at any time,” he said.

The establishment of Generation Academy is in alignment with Sarawak Energy’s continuous improvement initiative as well as operational excellence and talent management key focus areas.