Secure valuables, documents

Hazland (left) during his visit to villages in Demak Laut to monitor the flood situation.

KUCHING: Residents living in low-lying areas and near rivers should secure their valuables and important documents in the event of a flood.

Demak Laut assemblyman Dr Hazland Abang Hipni advised the residents to also take care of their own personal and their families’ safety.

“Residents whose homes are easily flooded must take precautionary measures to prevent unwanted incidents from happening.

“Take immediate action by keeping valuables and important documents in a safe place. The rainy weather which is expected to continue in the next few days should prompt residents to take precautions,” he said when visiting several villages in his constituency on Friday.

In the meantime, Dr Hazland also called on community leaders and village chiefs to work with government agencies to monitor the situation to prevent any untoward incidents.

“The community leaders and village chiefs together with the village safety and development committee (JKKK) need to work with government agencies such as the district office, Bomba, Civil Defence Force (APM) and Rela to ensure the safety of the villagers,” he said.

The assemblyman also urged residents to be vigilant when handling electrical equipment during floods as well as to be on the lookout for wild animals.

“Make sure the main switch is switched off. If the floods recede, make sure the house is cleaned of dirt to prevent bacterial and viral infections,” he said.