Abdul Hadi (right) sharing his thoughts with Sarimah (left) during the latter’s visit to the former.

KUCHING: Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) intends to collaborate with the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) in attracting more local businesses, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in the digital transformation of the economy.

SEDC general manager Abdul Hadi Datuk Abdul Kadir said this was vital because digital economy had the potential to better change the ways SMEs operate in terms of efficiency and customer service experience.

He said this during a courtesy call by Sarawak MPC director Sarimah Misman at SEDC Tower, Kuching Isthmus here recently.

Abdul Hadi said digital economy would play an important role in post Covid-19 economy, where entrepreneurs and SMEs would need to go through the process of restoring and restructuring their supply chain to seize opportunities from cross-border trade.

“We believe that through the proposed cooperation with MPC, our entrepreneurs can be pioneers of new pathways in the development of digital economy that will benefit the local community, the state and the country,” he enthused.

According to him, SMEs and entrepreneurs needed to be open-minded and continue to provide the best services to their customers post Covid-19.

“We hope that our local SMEs and entrepreneurs will continue to be resolute and to work hard in coping with the global economic challenges caused by the pandemic.”

Given the challenges faced by local SMEs and entrepreneurs, he said SEDC would continue to encourage them in seizing opportunities to enhance their internal capabilities because “among the significant pandemic effects are the acceleration of digital transformation in some countries that are turning to economic recovery efforts to the development of the new business era.”

As one of the implementing agencies of the Sarawak government, he said SEDC would work to convince local SMEs and entrepreneurs that the digital economy was vital.

Sarimah also welcomed the proposed collaboration, which would bring a positive impact on both organisations.