SEDC to develop local entrepreneurs

KUCHING: Social enterprise groups should be facilitated and integrated into the state government’s programme to develop local entrepreneurs.

Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) general manager Abdul Hadi Abdul Kadir said the commercial strategy and policies can be fine-tuned to accommodate the group.

“There is no excuse for us not to be able to bring it (social enterprise) on board through a special programme funded through schemes that we already have.

“This is something that we have already done. For instance, people who are selling keropok lekor or products from black pepper, we have been promoting them in a manner that we ensure their products are marketed through our hotels,” he said in an online talk on Social Entrepreneurship.

The SEDC general manager said the practice of marketing the products through hotels ensures a bigger platform for the entrepreneurs.

“My passion is to make them (the products) be brought over to our coffee tables and the first thing they have to do is to ensure their products are halal, as our food and beverage outlets are serving halal food,” he said.

Abdul Hadi said SEDC in the last 49 years of its existence had produced or funded various entrepreneurs but did not name the group as social enterprises.

“If you are too rigid with definition, you will have a constraint in delivering, I feel SEDC has various levels of entrepreneurship.

“This was also one of my first agendas when I joined SEDC, my passion is going around to meet the people in their own platform, I want to hear directly from them,” he said.