SEDC welcomes initiatives for entrepreneurship development

The delegation from the PMBS after the courtesy visit.

BETONG: The Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) welcomes the cooperation extended by Politeknik Metro Betong Sarawak (PMBS) in producing more competitive young entrepreneurs.

SEDC Betong Region enforcement officer Mohd Aizat Dollah said the collaboration between government agencies and educational institutions such as PMBS is a step forward for the good of the local community.

“I really hope to see that this collaboration goes smoothly. Hopefully, PMBS can produce more graduates who have entrepreneurial characteristics and spirit.

“Therefore, I very much welcome any cooperation in the form of entrepreneurship development agenda in Betong Division so that more competitive young entrepreneurs can be developed,” he said while receiving a courtesy visit from a group of PMBS lecturers, led by Norazimah Mejri on Sunday (Jan 10).

He said that the SEDC office, which had just started operations about six months ago, served as a medium for disseminating information on the Sarawak government initiatives in an effort to assist entrepreneurs in the Betong Division.

“This is so that they do not lag behind in obtaining information on grant assistance and business financing for entrepreneurs from Betong,” he said.

Meanwhile, Norazimah said the brief visit was to look for opportunities through the Entrepreneurship Unit to collaborate with SEDC.

“Currently, the PMBS Entrepreneurship Unit is actively organising and participating in various entrepreneurship activities or carnivals.

“Therefore, if this collaboration is successfully signed between the two parties, it will be an open space for PMBS students, especially to participate in entrepreneurship development programmes,” she said, adding that it would provide added value to students in preparation for entering the job market or starting their own businesses