SeDidik opens preschools in Penan settlements

Fatimah visits at a kindergarten.

KUCHING: SeDidik Sdn Bhd has opened up five kindergartens under its Penan community education programme to provide early childhood education to the nomadic community.

Toddlers with their work.

Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Sri Fatimah Abdullah said the kindergartens are located in Long Leng, Long Jenalong, Long Kerangan, Long Kawa and Ba Selulong.

These centres will provide early childhood education to children in these remote areas, she said.

“SeDidik will send educators from all five kindergartens to complete their studies at one of the public higher education institutions to obtain their  Diploma in Early Childhood Education, which is consistent with the Sarawak government’s intention to provide quality early childhood education in rural areas by providing teachers with appropriate qualifications and training,” she assured.

Toddlers with their work.

Fatimah also disclosed that SeDidik would contribute to the Sarawak Disaster Fund set up to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

“At the 79th SeDidik board meeting on June 14, it was agreed that, as a gesture of concern and help to the Sarawak government in dealing with Covid-19, SeDidik Sdn Bhd will be contributing towards the fund.

“The contribution of five percent of the Fixed Entertainment Allowance (ITK) for two months, which involved 123 eligible personnel, demonstrated the concern and spirit of mutual support from SeDidik staff towards the state government’s efforts in dealing with Covid-19.”

Fatimah noted that the pandemic had become a significant barrier to children’s schooling growth and achievement.

“Most early childhood education institutions in Sarawak were affected and closed, educators not only in SeDidik, but throughout Sarawak’s early childhood education institutions, must consider how we can ensure that the children’s education are not impacted,” she said.