Seek approval from council first

(From left) Mile 10 Kapitan Chin Hon Yong, Lo and Syarikat Ferrari Industrial Equipments manager Zain Abdullah during the press conference held at the 10 Mile Wet Market.

KUCHING: Members of the public need to seek approval from the Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) before embarking on any projects or charity in Padawan.

Its chairman Lo Khere Chiang pointed out that no one should do anything without the approval of the council as there were rules and regulations that needed to be abided by.

He gave the advice after Parti Sarawak Bersatu’s potential candidate for Batu Kitang Liu Thian Leong, a former councillor, replaced three ceiling fans and repaired 10 others at the 10 Mile wet market.

“I was taken aback when I was informed recently that Liu had blatantly gone to the market without informing the council. I would have understood if it were any Tom, Dick or Harry. But an ex-councillor?

“Do not get me wrong. I always welcome any helping hand with an open heart but for an ex-councillor to not have the courtesy of informing us beforehand is disappointing,” he said during his visit at the wet market on Monday (May 17).

Lo, who is Batu Kitang assemblyman, admitted that the fans in the market had broken down as they had been there since the market was constructed.

“The council had intended to replace all the fans to 26-inch three bladed fans with a higher specification as repairing the fans is costly in the long run.

“Besides the fans, we also applied for funds to get the toilets at the market fixed. Quotation was called a month ago and the successful contractor has been appointed and the project was to be handed over to the contractor today,” he explained.

Lo said that if Liu had revealed his intentions beforehand, the council, l would have let him fix all the 13 fans with the correct specification and that would save them part of the RM50,000 to be used on other infrastructure in the council areas.

“As much as I welcome help in Padawan, I want to make things very clear that no one should do anything at their whims and fancy in areas under the jurisdiction of MPP.

“Permission needs to be granted as under the MPP, we do things according to the rules and regulations set.

“We have the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government to ensure things run smoothly in Sarawak as we follow the rules, unlike some people, who do things without going through proper procedures,” Lo said.