Seek help at One Stop Centre for Addiction

Fatimah speaking to several suspects detained and brought to Sarawak IPK.

KUCHING: Those dealing with drug addiction and substance abuse are encouraged to seek treatment at the One Stop Centre for Addiction (OSCA).

Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Seri Fatimah Abdullah said the state had expanded OSCA services at the Petra Jaya Health Clinic here starting January in an attempt to increase its treatment and rehabilitation capacity.

She said the facility in Petra Jaya was the second after the Tudan Health Clinic in Miri run by the Health Department.

“OSCA was established under the Health Department to help those who want to quit smoking, alcohol and drug addiction.

“(Those dealing with drug addiction and substance abuse) can come voluntarily, not by court order,” she said when met by reporters at the Sarawak Police Contingent Headquarters (IPK) today.

On the integrated operation involving the State CID, NCID and Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department (JPJKK), Fatimah disclosed that 109 arrests were made, including three Indonesians picked up, for various offences such as drug abuse, motorcycle theft, burglary and online gambling.

Fatimah said operations were carried out at six villages, namely Kampung Sinjan, Kampung Tupong, Kampung Gita, Kampung Bintawa Hilir, Kampung Ajibah Abol and Kampung Tanjung Tengah, on Wednesday between 11am and 4pm.

She said those arrested consisted of 97 men and five women aged 20 to 30 years old (25 people), 30 to 40 years (30 people) and 50 to 60 years (one person).

“Most of them are young people with a long and bright future ahead. They should be productive but when they are involved in activities like this, especially drugs, their future will be affected if it’s not put to a stop.”

Fatimah added that as a result of the operation, the State CID also identified several drug dealers (tokan) who could be prosecuted under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1985.