Seek help immediately if you suffer from depression


KUCHING: Depression is a treatable medical illness and individuals suffering from it should immediately seek professional help.

According to the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), depression is actually a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and lack of interest in daily activities.

MMA president Dr Koh Kar Chai said the association was deeply concerned with affected individuals who refused treatment.

He cautioned that it could lead to a variety of emotional, physical and cognitive problems that would prevent infected persons from performing daily activities and leading a normal life.

“Untreated depression can lead to destructive habits or behaviour such as substance abuse, addictions, self-harm and even suicide,” he added.

Dr Koh said the cost of treating depression, which normally involved medications, psychotherapy and strengthening social aspects of a person’s life, should not prevent anyone from receiving treatment.

“There are affordable, especially for the services provided by the Ministry of Health through the specialist clinics in government hospitals and primary health centres throughout the country,” he added.