KUCHING: Segi College Sarawak revealed its two main activities for this year — Junior Entrepreneurship Club and Smart Biz Inter School Challenge 2020.

Its principal Doreen D’orville stated that Segi has already set up its own Aspiring Entrepreneurs Club in its campuses but they also feel like there is a need to set up a similar club in schools to nurture and develop business skills from a younger age.

“What we are going to do is set up a Junior Entrepreneurship Club (JEC) in selected schools to produce more successful entrepreneurs in Sarawak.

“For this club, we will not ask the students to pay anything but we want the students to build up their interest in business and acquire business skills.

“Students will be able to enjoy free usage of college facilities like the library, discussion room, computer lab, participation in college activities, industry talks and other events to further develop their academic and social skills.

Doreen (third right) blows out the candles on a birthday cake along with Segi staff members to celebrate cumulated birthdays of employees at the event.

“Thus, school principals who are interested are encouraged to contact us,” she said when speaking at the Segi College Sarawak Chinese New Year open house celebration held at a local hotel here, yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Smart Biz Inter School Challenge 2020 aimed to encourage and inspire high school students to unleash their potential, creativity and expose themselves practically to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ten schools will be selected for the programme and the winners will be awarded Segi scholarships to pursue Foundation leading to Degree or any Diploma programme of their choice in Segi College Sarawak in 2021.

Doreen added that Segi will continue to offer the Skills and Academic Grant (SAG) which was introduced last year to help the students who have financial difficulties.

“Under the SAG, all fees are covered by the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loan (subject to eligibility), free hostel accommodation with cooking facilities, free transport to and from college and job placements in East Malaysia and Singapore.

“Last year, students only had to pay RM100 cash to register but for this year, when a student pays RM100 to register for SAG programme, Segi̇ will refund back the RM100 to the student upon the start of class.

“That means students actually don’t pay for anything at all. So this is the initiative that we have and we want parents to be aware that there are opportunities to study in private education,” she continued.