Select only qualified candidates, education authorities told

Mohammad Razi Sitam

DEBAK: Saribas assemblyman Mohd Razi Sitam wants the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Education Service Commission(ESC) to select only qualified candidates to fill the Grade DG41 vacancies.

The government is looking to fill up to 18,702 Grade DG41 vacancies to address the shortage of teachers.

“I hope that MoE and ESC select teachers who are really qualified academically and most importantly, they should have an interest in teaching.

“Bureaucracy also needs to be reduced. Simplify the process so that more qualified graduates can apply.”

Razi, a former educator, was asked to comment on the special recruitment, which began on Wednesday.

He added that the government should also take a serious note on where to station the selected teachers.

“Schools, especially in Sarawak’s rural areas, should be given priority, particularly when it comes to critical subjects.”

Razi called on qualified graduates, especially those with a background in education, to take advantage of this opportunity.

He advised the successful candidates to prepare physically and mentally because “the responsibilities of teachers today are very challenging.”