Wan (right) delivers food items from Hope Place to Mandoh.

KUCHING: A semi-invalid 47-year-old father of six has appealed to generous hearts and well-wishers to help with his family’s predicament.

Mandoh Dungking said he has no one to turn to for help except to seek public sympathy.  Formerly working as a mechanic in an automotive workshop, he became homebound after a nasty incident in April this year where he sustained serious injuries to his left arm that left him semi-invalid.

Since the incident, Mandoh had to stop work and his wife had become the family’s sole breadwinner working as a coffeeshop assistant in King’s Centre here.

“But her income is barely enough to support the daily expenses of our family of eight, not to mention the children’s education expenses,” he added.

Recalling the incident and narrating it to Hope Place Kuching (Hope Place) founder Kelvin Wan, Mandoh said on that fateful day his children were all set to go to school while he was in the bathroom.

“I heard someone calling out from outside the house. I quickly got out of the bathroom and rushed to the door. As I opened the door, I saw my next door neighbour, armed with a parang, standing right in front of the door. The man charged at me. I tried to defend myself but in the ensuing scuffle, he slashed me on my left arm,” he recalled.

“I sustained serious injury and was rushed to the hospital,” he added.
Mandoh, his wife and children, aged between seven and 17 years old, are staying at Kampung Tabuan Dayak here.
According to Mandoh, his second child, a 16-year-old son was also required to go for regular medical check-up after he was diagnosed with heart problem.

Recently, after struggling for about two months, Mandoh came to know about Hope Place and approached it for help.
Upon hearing his predicament and weighing the needs of the family, Hope Place started giving basic food aid to them since early last month.