Send well-prepared reps

The Sarawak Housing Buyers Claim Tribunal Court panel discussing the decision.

KUCHING: Company developers should send representatives who are well-prepared to tribunal court hearings, said Sarawak Tribunal Court head panellist, Trabawan Mandi.

He said this was because any judgement that would be made by the panellists would be based on how well the representatives defended the developers.

He added that if the developers sent representatives who could not answer questions from the panellists during the trial sessions, the decisions would be more in favour of the buyers.

“In fact, we will also consider these developers as not ready to state their defence,” he told a press conference after a hearing session at the Old State Legislative Assembly Building (DUN) here in Petrajaya this morning.

During the trial court, four developers were directed by the Sarawak Housing Buyers Claim Tribunal Court (TTPRS) to compensate claims amounting to RM333, 229.14 to eight house buyers.

The decision was made together with two other panel members, Alhadi Ibrahim and Mohamad Abdul Aziz Ariffin, after the cases were heard at the Tribunal Court here today.

“The developers are RJ Realty Sdn Bhd, Lien Dak Development Sdn. Bhd, Sentoria Borneo Land Sdn Bhd and Twin Revenue Sdn Bhd Bhd.

“The developers are ordered to make payments to the buyers within 45 days upon receiving the letters of judgement from the court,” Trabawan said.

He said there were two lawsuits filed against RJ Realty Sdn Bhd in which the developer was ordered to compensate RM104, 385.76 each to two buyers.

He said this was due to the delay in the handing over of the property and the defects of the property which did not comply with specifications.

“In the case of Twin Revenue Sdn. Bhd, the company was instructed to pay a claim of RM6, 501.43 to the buyer for late handing over the vacant ownership of the house.

“Meanwhile, Lien Dak Development Sdn. Bhd was instructed to pay a claim of RM30, 910.83 to the buyer due to late submission of vacant possession,” said Trabawan.

He added that Sentoria Borneo Land Sdn. Bhd received the highest complaints with four claims amounting to RM87, 045.36 to be compensated to the buyers.

“The penalty is due to delays in handing over vacant ownership and quality defects,” he explained.