Senior citizen feared drowned

The search for a 77-year-old senior citizen continues.

DALAT: A septuagenarian from Kampung Medong Dalat is feared to have drowned in an incident at the Kampung Medong jetty.

The victim, Bri Langer, from Kampung Medong.

Dalat police chief DSP Saga Chungat said based on information from a witness, Peter Swiss, the incident occurred around 9am this morning.

“The victim, Bri Langer, 77, was initially seen untying the rope of his jetty, but due to the current, the jetty started to drift downstream.

“The victim tried to retrieve the jetty by swimming after it, but after failing to retrieve it, the victim tried to swim back to shore, but he sank into the waters.”

Dalat police received an emergency call at 9.40am and a team rushed to the scene by boat.

Also involved in the search and rescue efforts were Mukah Fire and Rescue Department, Malaysian Civil Defence Force and People’s Volunteer Corps.

At noon today, search and rescue efforts were still ongoing around the Kampung Medong jetty.