Septuagenarian injured in crash

Firemen extricate the 70-year-old driver from the 4WD vehicle which landed in the bushes.

SIBU: An elderly motorist sustained minor injuries after his four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle crashed into the bushes near Sungai Salim Bridge, Jalan Stabau last Saturday (Apr 24).

Sarawak Fire Department Sibu Zone chief Janggan Muling said they received an emergency call around 2.50pm and firemen from Sibujaya station were despatched to the scene.

Upon arriving, the team found that the vehicle in the bushes with the driver trapped inside.

The 70-year-old man who sustained minor injuries, was extricated from his vehicle by the firemen.

He was later handed over to paramedics for early treatment before being sent to hospital for further treatment.

It is believed that the man was travelling towards Kanowit when his vehicle went out of control and swerved into the bushes by the roadside.