Serve your constituents

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing

KUCHING: Lanang MP Alice Lau was told to go to the ground to perform her duty as an elected representative and aid those who affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Sibu.

In stressing this, Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing said such was the best way to understand the plight of Sibu folk and serve them amidst troubled times.

“Alice seems to have forgotten her duties as an elected representative and continues to play the game of ‘getting the most political mileage’ out of her press statements on quarantine exemptions in the name of cheap publicity.

“In order to understand the people’s plight and serve them during the pandemic, we must be ready to comply with standard operating procedures (SOPs) when doing visits on the ground once we have been granted exemptions,” he said.

Tiong said Lau appeared to neglect the people on the ground under the pretense of abiding to the SOPs at the expense of the people’s wellbeing.

“Sibu has now become a Covid-19 red zone. Does she finally have a good enough excuse to hide at home and not serve the people?” Tiong asked.

The Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) chief said while Lau had raised the issue of quarantine exemption given to MPs, she must also acknowledge whether other DAP MPs were also benefitting from the privilege.

“If Lau really upholds certain self-proclaimed ‘high standards’ during self-quarantine, it should show through her quality of service to the people.

“She first started talking about the exemption, but faltered in her arguments and cannot give a clear answer on whether her colleagues also applied for exemptions.”

Tiong said such was a familiar trend by the party, which appeared to be inconsistent in its words and deeds.