Settle compound within 14 days

Ebeni delivering a talk.

BALINGIAN: Flouting the standard operating procedures (SOPs) during the movement control order (MCO) is not a crime.

This pertains to no matter how many times the compound was issued and settled by the offender.

However, the compound must be settled within 14 days, said Mukah district police Crime Prevention and Community Security Department chief Inspector Ebeni Mohamad.

According to him, if the compound is not settled within the stipulated time, then the case will be brought to court for trial.

He said the court would then deliver the judgement and order the offender to pay the fine.

“If the offender fails to settle the fine, then the court orders the offender to serve a jail sentence,” he said adding that the offender’s name will also be recorded in the police book.

This was said when he delivered a talk at the Sepakat@Komuniti Pembudayaan Norma Baharu: Putuskan Rantaian Covid-19 Balingian sub-district 2020 at Mukah Power Generation Sdn Bhd hall here on Tuesday (Oct 20).

A political secretary to the chief minister Faridah Osman officiated at the event.

The police are doing their best to help the Health Department in containing the spread of Covid-19, Ebeni pointed out.