Seven fall for Macau scam

KUCHING: Seven more victims fell into the Macau scam and Parcel scam trap in the latest case yesterday.

Chief of Police Commercial Crime Investigation Department, Supt. Mustafa Kamal said police received 12 reports when six of them were tricked into Macau scam while one was caught by Parcel scam. He added that the other five victims had avoided becoming the victims of the two syndicates.

“Four incidents occurred in Miri, two in Sibu and one in Kuching.

“Macau scam’s modus operandi is like before when the victim was contacted and allegedly involved in debt delinquent, money laundering, fund deviation, drugs and so on,” he said.

He said this through a media statement received here yesterday.

Gani added that the suspect claimed to be a police officer, bank officer, court staff, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) officer and others.

“The first incident involved a woman who worked as a restaurant waiter from Miri suffered a loss of RM22,200.

“The second case involved a 36-year-old female clerk from Sibu who lost RM21,600 after being deceived by Macau scam,” he explained.

According to Gani, the third incident occurred in Miri involving a 28-year-old civil servant who lost at total of RM7,000.

“The next victim who was deceived by the Macau scam was a 32-year-old female lecturer from Sibu who lost RM3,350.

“Meanwhile, the fifth victim was a 70-year-old retiree woman from Kuching who lost RM6,900,” he said.

Gani said the last Macau scam involved a 27-year-old human development executive from Miri with a loss of RM3,760.

“In the meantime, a 24-year-old female clerk from Miri was deceived by a Parcel scam syndicate who lost RM4,500.

“Earlier, the victim received a short message from a woman who introduced herself as Rosiati binti Majin with telephone number 01136919xxx and 014-3434xxx said the money transferred to the victim account from Europe to Malaysia was detained by BNM.

Gani said the suspect ordered the victim to make the payment for approval and the victim believed and followed the instruction.