The blockade, which was set up on Dec 3, is still there.

SIBU: There may be hope for residents who had the road leading to their two longhouses blocked by a landowner since Dec 3.

Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai said several proposals had been put forward which could solve the issue.

However, he was non-committal when asked for the content of the proposals.

“At the moment, I cannot reveal what’s in the proposals as we are now trying to solve the matter for a win-win situation,” he said yesterday.

The blockade, which was set up on Dec 3, is still there.

It was reported that the road was built on his land and he had had not receive compensation. This prompted him to set up the blockade, affecting more than 300 residents of Rumah Jalak and Rumah Nita in Tanjung Penasu, Batang Igan.

As the area is within SRDC jurisdiction, Sempurai said SRDC was trying its best to end the blockade.

“I have also met and discuss with Romeo Christopher Tegong, a political secretary to the Chief Minister, on the matter.

“It is important for SRDC to ensure that all matters concerning the people would be looked into through dialogue,” he added.