Sleepless nights for granny due to landslide

The condition of Nona 's house which was hit by landslide recently.

KUCHING: Nona Budis has been experiencing sleepless nights ever since the walls of her home at Kampung Garung here collapsed due to a landslide.

The walls were twice hit by landslides, namely the first happened in August last year and the recent incident was last Tuesday (Jan 12).

Recounting the incident, the 63-year-old said she was watching the news for the latest Covid-19 developments.

“It was drizzling and the zinc roof shook violently.

“I was scared. So I prayed to God to ask for His mercy and protection.

“At the time, my son Alex called me from below, asking me to leave the house immediately. He said the ground was not stable. He carried me out,” she explained.

She took shelter in her son’s house while waiting for the rain to stop.

She added a young man from a nearby village who happened to be returning home had stopped by her son’s house after the landslide blocked the path to his house.

She then asked him to accompany her to her house to turn off the main electrical switch.

“I asked him to accompany me because the lights in the house were flashing. I was shaking. After turning off the main switch, the landslide hit my wall and television.

“Oh my TV! I cried because twice, the same thing has happened to me. I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about my house,” Nona lamented.

Following the incident, various parties had offered assistance to Nona to clear the landslide.

She thanked the parties involved for the contributions and assistance.

“I am grateful to Mambong assemblyman Datuk Dr Jerip Susil, the villagers and the church as well as the people who helped me throughout this difficult time.”