Readers flipping through the tabloid-sized New Sarawak Tribune.

MIRI: The New Sarawak Tribune yesterday launched its new look as a slimline tabloid newspaper.

Established in 1945, it covers almost everything related to the state including local news, national issues, economics, sports, education, politics, health, environment and entertainment.

The newspaper which is now available in tabloid size, gets the thumbs-up from readers for its new look. Most of them were impressed with the new look.

Nazri Datuk Ahmad Lai

“I think it is very good and readable,” said Sarawak Football 2019 President Cup manager Nazri Datuk Ahmad Lai.

He added that the tabloid size fits the latest trend and is more practical.

“The new look has a modern design … this morning I read one copy and I love the design,” he opined.

Meanwhile, Miri City councillor Karambir Singh applauded the paper’s courage in launching a new size.

Karambir Singh

“It is important for the printed media to constantly innovate,” he reckoned.

In fact, he said in an era when the digital media is becoming more accessible, the printed media still plays an important role.

“A compact newspaper format with high quality reporting and relevant news will help to increase readership,” he pointed out.

“I wish NST all the best in this new bold move,” he said.

Sharing a similar sentiment was Sibuti MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni. He congratulated the New Sarawak Tribune for the launching of the new look and size.

Lukanisman Awang Sauni

“This decision is practical, in my point of view,” he said, adding that the modern look could attract more readers.

“The compact size is more practical and readable for readers,” he said.

A brief check made yesterday afternoon, revealed that the new version of New Sarawak Tribune was sold out.

Readers flipping through the tabloid-sized New Sarawak Tribune.