Smart city initiatives being rolled out in Miri

Proposed CCTV camera and digital signage screens at Wireless Walk.

MIRI: Miri City Council (MCC) is embarking on various Miri Smart City Proof of Concept programmes, under the Sarawak Government’s Smart City Initiatives.

Mayor Adam Yii announced that nine programmes are currently being rolled out, which include both infrastructural solutions, and software and system solutions. 

“The infrastructural solution includes safe city, digital signage, safe park and smart drain; whereas the software and system solution shall cover smart bus, smart truck, smart Miri, smart tourism and Miri Cares,” he said, while aiming to turn Miri into a safe, secure and convenience city to work and live in.

The areas selected for the infrastructure solutions are the Wireless Walk, Handicraft Centre, Taman Bulatan and City Fan.

Construction work at these areas started since June 19, and will last for three months, and targeted for completion by end of September. 

“It is noted that during the construction period, concrete mounting plinths and platforms will be constructed in preparation for the erection of steel structures and poles for the mounting of CCTV cameras, SOS poles, digital signage screens, and communication facilities,” he said in a statement.

Conduits would also be laid out along the curbs of the streets and pathways in the parks to enable the laying of the cable, he added.

“Road crossing, if unavoidable, will be minimised and handled with extra precautions,” he said.

“Software solutions are being developed off-site, smart bus and smart truck are software solutions to improve the city bus transportation services, and the garbage collection efficiency, respectively,” he said.

Smart tourism is one of MCC’s efforts to boost the development of Miri as a resort city. 

“Miri Cares is a software solution to encourage interactions among the people, as well as bridging people and MCC. It is a software solution being developed with the Mirian at heart”, said Yii.

He reiterated that MCC would not compromise on public safety and convenience for speedy delivery of the infrastructure solutions. 

He said that the contractors had been briefed and reminded to observe good construction practices, and avoid works during peak hours to minimise inconvenience to the public.

Meanwhile, the public are urged to be cautious and practice vigilance at or when passing the said areas.  

Touching on the public properties, Yii expressed his concern with the high rate of vandalism in the city, which caused MCC millions of ringgit to rectify the damages every year. 

Therefore, he urged the public to take ownership and good care of the public facilities, including those currently being implemented. 

He appealed to Mirians to attune their mindset to the infrastructural growth of the city, and he believed that with the active participation of Mirians, Miri could be a truly smart city. 

He would also like the public to become the eyes and ears of the authorities, and report to MCC of any attempt to vandalise public property. 

The public can contact MCC at 085-424111.