Patrick Liew

KUCHING: iCube Innovation chairman Datuk Patrick Liew welcomed measures in the Budget 2020, saying it will benefit entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

According to him, it is important to support entrepreneurs by giving loans, grants and boosters especially for young entrepreneurs and those already running businesses.

“I think that is the right move for the government to allocate more funds and focus on SMEs, as they are the ones that deserve more help and support.

Patrick Liew

“This is in line with what iCube Innovation is doing, (to uplift and support entrepreneurship), to enable them to be competitive internationally if not closing the gap with companies at an international level,” he pointed out.

However, Liew expressed concern on the distribution of allocations.

“My concern is that whether or not the incentives would reach the rightful or deserving individuals or companies that are in need of such assistance.

“The allocation is impactful if it reaches the right people. We also do hope that the government will be more lenient and not so stringent with the procedures and processes which could be frustrating,” he said when met by reporters yesterday.