Smuggling attempt thwarted; two with illegal gun arrested

The attempt to smuggle out alcoholic beverages foiled. A rifle with four live bullets without legal documents resulted on the arrest of two men.

LUNDU: A bid to smuggle 395 cartons of alcoholic beverages to Kalimantan, Indonesia was foiled by the General Operations Force (GOF) last Wednesday (Mar 10).

In the evening operation called ‘Ops Benteng Covid’ around 5.30pm, a task force from the GOF Sarawak brigade detained a lorry that was heading towards the border at Kampung Raso oil palm plantation.

Its commander SAC Mancha Ata said upon inspection, the team found 395 cartons of various alcoholic beverages for which duty was not paid.

“The team seized the contraband and the lorry and arrested the 50-year-old driver as he was believed to be involved in the smuggling activity,” he said.

The total value of the goods seized during the operation was RM145,746.03.

The arrestees and goods were handed over to Lundu police for further actions under Section 135(1)(D) of the Customs Act 1967.

In a separate case last Thursday (Mar 11), Mancha’s men arrested two men aged 49 and 55 for possessing an illegal rifle in Serian.

“The team detained a car for inspection around 10.30pm at Jalan Mentung-Sangai.

“It led to the discovery of a rifle with four live rounds of bullets. During inspection, the suspects failed to produce any legal document or licence for the weapon,” he said.

The team then seized the items worth RM520 and handed them as well as the men over to Serian police for further actions under Section 8(A) of the Arms Act 1960.