Social amenities project implemented in Marudi

Penguang (left) being briefed on the construction progress of the Beluru Sports Complex.

KUCHING: The settings up of social amenities in the Marudi constituency are also being implemented aside from providing basic necessities to the people there.

Local Government Assistant Minister Datuk Dr Penguang Manggil said this included the construction of the Beluru Sports Complex in the area.

“Apart from the development of basic necessities such as rural electricity supply, rural clean water supply, upgrading of village roads and telecommunication systems, social amenities and sports projects, such as what we see today, are also being implemented here,” he said when visiting the project site of the Beluru Sports Complex to monitor the progress of its implementation on Friday.

Penguang, on the same day, also visited the Rumah Adin compound in Sungai Kelabit to meet the village representatives.

“The road to Sungai Kelabit seems to be getting better after being repaired under the Projek Rakyat programme.

“Clean water supply has also been connected to this area. However, there is still much to be done for the residents of Sungai Kelabit,” he noted.

In a separate visit to another longhouse Rumah Kumbau, Sungai Lamah, the Marudi assemblyman said various improvements had been made in terms of providing basic facilities to the dwellers.

“The situation here is much different, with the road, which was formerly a dirt road being gravelled. At the same time, the Rural Electricity Supply (RES) project is also being implemented,” he said.

Penguang said similarly for Rumah Suga, Utom, the dirt road at its entrance has been upgraded recently.

“Residents here are building new longhouses and it is running smoothly. The RES project has also started here,” he said.

On Thursday, Penguang also presented minor rural project (MRP) grants worth RM10,000 each to several village safety and development committees (JKKKs) in the constituency.

Meanwhile for JKKK Rumah Subi, the assemblyman presented a grant of RM33,600.