Soldiers give landslide victim a helping hand

The members of army carrying out cleaning work on Nona’s house.

KUCHING: Members of Regimen 511 Askar Wataniah (territorial army) helped clean up the mess left behind by a landslide that damaged a house at Kampung Garung, Puncak Borneo here.

511 deputy commander Lt-Kol Mohd Nadzri Ismail said the regiment was always ready to mobilise and assist civilians affected by natural disasters.

This was also part of the initiative to create rapport with civilians as well as to ease the burden of natural disaster victims.

Nadzri (left) speaking to Nona (right).

Thirty members and one officer from the regiment together with their colleagues from 11th Battalion Royal Malay Regiment helped clean the house belonging to 63-year-old widow Nona Budis.

Nona’s house was damaged last Tuesday night (Jan 12).

She was saved by one of her children staying nearby after noticing that soil from the hill behind was moving towards the house.