Sole salmon burger stall

Salmon burger.

KUCHING: Burger Muscleman, the only burger stall selling salmon burger in Kuching, is becoming a major attraction to burger lovers in the city.

Mohd Azizul Ghani (right) and a friend.

Its owner Mohd Azizul Ghani said, the salmon burger which sells for only RM7 each, is only available every Friday and Saturday.

“Initially, I planned to sell the burger on normal days but, after thinking about factors such as sales volume, I finally decided to sell it every Friday and Saturday so that the demand for this burger will always be high,” he said.

Commenting on the unique names of his burger menus, Mohd Azizul, who is a national bodybuilding athlete, said the idea to create the name was inspired by the bodybuilding sport itself.

Among the unique names of his burgers are Tricep Beef, Lamb Chest, Hotdog Hamstring, Benjo Whey Protein, Six Pack, Muscular and others.

When asked on why he chose to sell burgers, he replied that as a national bodybuilding athlete, he wanted to share the nutritious menus that he practised to maintain and build his body muscles.

“Most of us (bodybuilders) must eat in large quantities, especially high protein foods, to take care of the body. Hence, this idea arose.

Mohd Azizul holds a big burger that contains 500g Usna patty.

“Apart from wanting to share the diet menus that I practise, I decided to sell burgers after the bodybuilding competition in Uzbekistan was cancelled.

“So, to make the most of my free time, I started opening a burger stall,” he explained, adding that he also provides catering services for his burgers.

Further elaborating, Mohd Azizul said the patties he used to make his burgers were supplied by Usna Marketing Enterprise.

According to him, he chose to collaborate with the company as they produced high quality patties which are available in different thicknesses of 60g, 80g and 120g.

Operating at Restoran Ayam Panggang Madu Wak in Satok here, Burger Muscleman offers affordable burger prices ranging from RM3 to RM18.