Dr Annuar (third left) and his entourage as they explore Kampung Hijrah.

SIBU: The Sarawak government is committed to solving the flooding problem in Kampung Hijrah here.

Assistant Minister of Local Government and Housing Dr Annuar Rapaee said several measures were planned and implemented including doing land clearing work in Kampung Hijrah over the last two years.

“This is the initial step in the resolution of the flood problem in the area.

“In addition, immediate steps are being taken to clear the drains and to upgrade the temporary roads,” he said yesterday.

Dr Annuar said to date, 32 people have received a temporary occupancy license (TOL) in block D, on the condition that they have to build a house on the site within five years.

“After the land has been handed over to the people, it is easy for the government to build infrastructures such as upgrading the drainage system and roads in the housing lots.

“Block D has been surveyed, the state government has approved RM780,000 for construction of drainage and paved roads in the area,” he said.

On Kampung Jeriah, which is located next to Kampung Hijrah, Dr Annuar, who is also Nangka assemblyman, said the second phase of a RM19 million flood mitigation project in Kampung Jeriah would solve the flood problem in the village which is home to about 200 households.

The project also benefits nearby Kampung Jeriah Utara 2, Kampung Jeriah Barat 1, 3 and 5.

“The second phase of the project has been underway since January 8 and is scheduled to be completed in January, 2021.        

He said the flood mitigation project would address the flood problem in almost all areas of the village.

“I believe it will create a more conducive living environment for the villagers here,” he added.