WASHINGTON: Almost 2,000 people died from Covid-19 in the United States in the past 24 hours and more than 36,100 new coronavirus cases were confirmed in that period, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, reported Sputnik News Agency.  

The total number of coronavirus fatalities in the US currently stands at over 53,300 with 1,995 people having died from the viral disease in the past 24 hours, Saturday data from Johns Hopkins University showed.

In comparison, Friday data for a 24-hour period showed that there were 3,332 new coronavirus deaths in the US, while on Thursday there were 2,139 new deaths reported. 

On Friday, Johns Hopkins University data showed that 28,819 new coronavirus cases had been registered in the preceding 24-hour period. 

According to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Centre, there are over 933,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases and more than 53,300 deaths from the viral disease in the United States, which currently has the largest number of cases and the highest death toll of all the countries in the world. – Bernama