KUCHING: Beware of people using Covid-19 or hospital names to ask for donations, said Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian.

According to Sim, there are several campaigns soliciting for donations to Sarawak General Hospital and Miri Hospital under the pretext of combating Covid-19 which the directors are not aware of. 

“I am sure the hospital appreciates community support in time of crisis like this,” he said, but warned some of the campaigns could have ulterior motives. 

In another post, Sim said although all government hospitals in Sarawak are under the Ministry of Health, the state government often helped including taking care of the welfare of the frontliners.

He said to date the state government already paid for thermo scanners, rapid test kits, ventilators and several other items to help our hospitals and district health clinics. 

He then said the small increase in newly diagnosed cases of Covid-19 should not make us complacent.

“We need to work harder and implement new measures as we want Sarawak to have a different trajectory than the rest of Malaysia,” he said.

On the friendship between Sarawak General Hospital’s Heart Centre and Nanjing Heart Centre, he said it had resulted in the supply of medical materials (free plus purchased) as well webinars in which China shared first-hand experiences on Covid-19. 

“Thank you very much Consulate General of China in Kuching for the great friendship during the good times as well as during the current Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.