Some excited, some apprehensive on school reopening

File photo: Parents fetching their children from school.

KUCHING: Students have reacted differently to the long awaited face-to-face school session which will be commencing in March.

Senior Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin said pre-school, Year 1 and Year 2 classes would start on March 1 while Year 3 to Year 6 sessions would start on March 8 and secondary school students in April.

He said the decision to allow primary pupils to start the school session earlier was to allow them to adapt to the new normal and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Despite the home-based teaching and learning (PdPR), students have been on a long break from school so it comes as no surprise that most of them are excited to return to the classrooms.

Here are some comments from the students on the matter.


Areeqa Elianie

I am super excited to see my friends and teachers. I like learning in class because it is more fun than online learning. My parents are happy that I will be going back to school but they are worried about Covid-19.


Danny Rahman Wei

I feel good about going back to school because I want to see my friends and teachers. I like online learning but I miss my school. I will remember to follow the SOPs.


Abdul Haqil


I am not sure whether I am happy about going back to school because the Covid-19 situation is still not okay. I want to learn in  class with my teachers and friends but the Covid-19 situation worries me.


Dania Ramadhani


It was fun doing online classes as I got to stay in touch with my friends. Now that school will reopen, I cannot wait to meet them but I hope that all of us will follow the SOPs for our own safety.


Muhammad Shazairy Syakirin

I have enjoyed online learning but it was quite challenging as it was my first time. My mom has bought me new school uniforms and stationery. I am thrilled to see my friends but I am worried about my safety because of the high number of Covid-19 cases.


Siti Yusriyyah Zailani

I did not really enjoy online learning because I find that the lessons are too rushed. I have been  preparing to go back to school since January but it was postponed due to the spike in Covid-19 cases. I miss hanging out, sharing ideas and joking with my friends in class.


Niessha Suria Ravi


It will not be easy getting into the normal routine for school, especially when we need to get used to wearing face masks all the time and cannot be too close with our friends. During the long break, I managed to spend a lot of time with my family and do preparation for my upcoming public examination.


Ashrhuughan Gunalan

Online learning was not really enjoyable for me because I was not able to understand some parts of the syllabus and there were always technical problems. I think it will take some time to get used to the normal routines as we’ve had so much carefree time at home while there will be strict rules to follow in school.