Song JaPen eases burden of needy

Song JaPen staff during the Info On Wheels programme.

By Nazrinzulaiqa Hasbi

SONG: The Information Department (JaPen) here has through its ‘Info On Wheels’ (IOW) programme come to the aid of the needy during this difficult time.

Saging Mungong

One of the recipients, Saging Mungong, expressed his gratitude for all the donations.

“Honestly, I don’t have enough money to buy daily necessities for my family as I have no fixed income.

“Thank you to Song JaPen for your concern and help,” the 58-year-old said on Tuesday (Aug 3).

Banet Kam

Meanwhile, Benet Kam, a farmer, was also overwhelmed by the assistance rendered.

“My vegetables could not be sold during the pandemic so my income has fallen. I can only rely on assistance from the federal and state governments to buy daily necessities.

“My family is quite large and I don’t know how to find extra money to cover living expenses.”

The 63-year-old described the Song JaPen contribution as proof of the government’s concern for the people in rural areas.

The donation was presented to the recipients by Song JaPen officer Joseph Laga.

Four IOW programmes were implemented earlier this month, benefitting 40 people.