The decision of the Chief Minister, Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari Tun Openg to increase the speed and coverage of Internet connectivity throughout Sarawak, not only manifests his farsightedness in looking into the future but his desire and concerned for the people in the service of the people, state and country.

Though it is a brilliant initiative, it must be preceded by the development of the world class ICT infrastructure and human resource capacity in a migration towards the digital economy, which, undoubtedly, is an important strategy to create growth through the creation of employment opportunities for the people, the youth both in urban and rural areas in particular and change the way of life and the way of doing business.

By then the people and entrepreneurs, including the Bumiputra communities in rural areas   

can be connected with the world population through the internet in marketing their products and services. 

As a consequence, the old way of doing business will gradually fade away as the new way of working will be more productive with the development of   Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation and the planning of E-Commerce Y-30, which will prepare the youth to start the e-commerce. 

The Assistant Minister Industrial Development and Investments, Encik Malcom Mussen Anak Lamoh, in his speech to adjourn sine die the recent sitting of the State Legislative Assembly, said the State, with the vision to attain the status of a developed state with high income economy by 2030, should utilize fast depleting natural resources prudently and strive to achieve both economic and environmental sustainability in all emerging industries so that the future generations can sustain the ability to meet their own needs.

Hopefully, in moving forward,  the citizens whether they are politicians, civil servants or ordinary civilians can find happiness and peace in their workplaces and at home especially in the fast changing world, flooded by information and unfiltered news in the multi-media,  which carry some elements of uncertainties and questionable authenticity.

He said sustained efforts would be made to harness to full potential, through innovation and creativity, the rich biodiversity in the development of new niche products that can generate more income for the economy.

He believed the creation of new Ministry for Science and Technological Research should encourage more Research and Development (R&D) work and technology transfer in collaboration with established research institutions and technology providers in improving  the overall productivity in all  major industries in Sarawak.

Encik Malcom Mussen thanked the Yang di-Pertua Negeri Tun Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud for his gracious address, which contains meaningful proposals, constructive ideas and relevant comments on specific issues affecting the State during the opening of the session.

All members, during the debate, concurred with and supported the views of the Yang di Pertua Negeri that all planning in development must be people – centric in the efforts to raise the socio-economic status of the Rakyat through the economic plans namely Socio – Economic Transformation Plan (SETP) SCORE and digital economy that focused on raising  the  level of socio – economic progress of the people and the State.

He congratulated the member for Satok, Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari Tun Openg on his appointment as the Sixth Chief Minister of Sarawak and for his wisdom in restructuring the State Cabinet by bringing in people with diverse academic backgrounds and work experiences to his Cabinet.  .

Obviously, Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari prioritizes and postulates the following characteristics namely character over competence, integrity over intelligence, sincerity over pretension, loyalty over recalcitrance, humility over compulsion and courage over hesitance in deciding on members of his cabinet. 

He accused members of the opposition of being incredulously insensitive or even mischievous to allege that the new Chief Minister is merely blowing “hot air”. They are blind to the fact that the Chief Minister, with the strength of his character, which had been molded by reputable upbringings, is very committed to continue and expand the development policies of his predecessor for the benefits all Sarawakians.

He suggested that new politicians should take Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari Tun Openg as a role model for being the longest servicing politician in the State Legislative Assembly. He has the unflinching commitment and dedication to the very challenging profession.  In idiomatic language it is “easier said than done unless you have been there yourself”.

Encik Malcom Mussen said it is very disappointing to note that some Members from the Opposition continue to dwell on the pink elephants, thinking and talking about what they don’t want mainly to find faults with Barisan Nasional Government.

Based on scientific studies, human brain has a very unique property that can tackle only one thing at any particular time. Obviously, members of the Opposition, those from DAP in particular are too preoccupied with negative thinking that their brain won’t have the space and time to think about positive things in life.

When the negative thinking becomes habitual, the state of mind becomes a powerful spiraling force that keeps pulling a person down until it is impossible to break free.  A person becomes a living magnet, which invariably attracts people, ideas and circumstances that harmonized with his dominant thought. “That is why birds of same feather flock together”.

He was surprised to note Members of DAP seem oblivious to a blatant violation of Federal Constitution with regard to the restriction on dual citizenship for Malaysians.  A person, according to Mahatma Gandhi, cannot do right in one department of life while attempting to do wrong in another department. Life is one indivisible whole.

Encik Malcom Mussen also noted that most Members from rural constituencies were very concerned about the urgent need for the provision of adequate infrastructure and basic amenities in Sarawak. Nevertheless, the implementation of Rural Transformation Program (RTP) since the last few years has been very impactful and effective in solving critical problems especially in reducing the gap in the quality of rural – urban life.

He believed the State Government, boosted by the visionary leadership of the Chief Minister, should be able to deliver the expected outcomes with the formation of three State Cabinet committees for socio-economic and rural transformations together with performance and service delivery transformation under the newly restructured ministries and other existing Government agencies operating in Sarawak.

He thanked members of the Civil Service at both State and Federal levels especially those who have been serving to the best of their ability. As a former civil servant, he also experienced what Oliver Schreiner said “upon the road you would travel, there is no reward offered. The work is the reward”.

He remained thankful for the invaluable experience and opportunities to learn how to get along and getting things done through Esprit de corps, the spirit of understanding and cooperation with others.

Encik Malcom Mussen commended the speaker Datuk Amar Haji Awang Asfia Awang Nassar and members of his staff for ensuring the smooth the proceedings of the State Legislative Assembly throughout the session.   Till the Dewan meets again the historic first meeting of the second session for the 18th Sarawak State Legislative Assembly 2017 is adjourned Sine die Sivous plait. 

Meanwhile the Member for Demak Laut Dr. Hazland Abang Hipni, in his winding speech during the debate on the Motion of Thanks to Yang di Pertua Negeri, which he tabled, 

congratulated Datuk Amar Abang Haji Johari, who  has a wide experience and the belief in working as a team, with openness and sincerity, patience and courage.

on his appointment as the sixth Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Rightly, he is is giving utmost priority to set clear guidelines, improve the overall wellbeing of Sarawakians, solve basic land issues, build affordable homes, provide basic infrastructure, build roads and bridges, provide good drainage system, build functional flood mitigation system, schools, clinics, hospitals, mosques, churches, temples, provide sports facilities, ensure water and electricity supplies are being connected to the people and provide a good public transportation comprising LRT and integrated transport system.

His priorities are also to introduce modern farming and fishing techniques, encourage and assist small medium industries, develop food processing industries, lower the price of goods, overcome low wages, provide employment opportunities, ensure safety and security, enhance youth development, further promote tourism and ome up with a comprehensive education system, probably even to have a special school syllabus for Sarawakians.

Besides, efforts must be made to solve social issues, provide welfare and family development, promote healthy living, provide an upgrade basic ICT Infrastructure, continue negotiation with PETRONAS on oil royalty, develop Development Bank of Sarawak and continue with the struggle for Devolution of Power. 

Dr. Hazland Abang Hipni said education is the fundamental requirements in determining the level of success of the State through the skill, knowledge and innovation. The system needs to be improved with more comprehensive plan, for example, to focus on English, Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematic and improvements on the physical structure of schools.

He  was happy to note all the members fully supported the call by the Yang di-Pertua Negeri that entrepreneurship must be further developed through the establishment of Cabinet committee for Coordination of Entrepreneurs, Graduates entrepreneurs program in technical and vocation.    

In this regards, efforts must be made to identify, develop and assist entrepreneurs with potentials to go to the global market, develop local products, transform rural entrepreneurs, set up co-operative societies and local fishermen association, develop entrepreneurial  incubators and look for people with innovation and creativity that can be developed to become digital entrepreneurs.     

He said all the members fully supported the call by the Yang di- Pertua Negeri to jumpstart the development of a more creative and innovative economy as in the era, which is ever changing, the State must move to digital economy.  The people must not only have knowledge and skills in technology but give focus to human resource development, the development of international trade and a modern transport system like LRT and others.    

He believed the transformation of the economy of the people can be further intensified through the involvement of the people, enhance human capital development, raise the level of competitiveness and social mobility and upgrade the progress and prosperity of the people. 

He said the digital economy is an important economic strategy that will create a new dimension in the growth of development through the creation of employment opportunities to youth both in urban and rural areas, change the way of life and the way of doing business.

He believed the people and entrepreneurs including Bumiputra communities in rural areas

can be connected with the world population in marketing their products and services through the internet.

He believed the old way of doing business and working will fade away as the new way of working will be more productive with the development of   Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation and the planning of E-Commerce Y-30, which will prepare the youth to start the e-commerce. 

He considered the Digital Village at Samajaya as an important step to strengthen the infrastructure in motivating young people with digital mind to produce new business models in the development of the economy.

He believed the decision to develop the digital economy will change the landscape of development in the State. However, the people must be ready to compete in exploiting opportunities being created through the process of development in order to become a more dynamic and successful people, the youth in particular, who are hungry for success.