Spiderman gets his vaccine dose!

Mohd Syah takes a photograph after he gets vaccinated.

KUCHING: Our friendly neighbourhood spiderman is in town. Well, in fact there are two of them. What are they doing?

Both spidermen have their individual stories to tell. For one of them life has been very hard after the implementation of the nationwide movement control order (MCO), and the other is doing what a superhero should do – get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The public were thrilled to see a spiderman getting his vaccine shot at the Kozi Square vaccination centre (PPV) here last Friday (June 25).

Spiderman unveiled!

Mohd Syah Nizam Rajap, 32, of Kampung Sindang in Kota Samarahan was the man who dressed up as spiderman going for his vaccination appointment which went viral on social media.

“I’m a big fan of Marvel comic superheroes like spiderman and chose to wear the spiderman suit because I wanted to bring some joy to the frontliners and volunteers who were on duty at the PPV.

“Those working at the PPV must be so tired… So I hope that I entertain them and make them feel less stressed out,” he said.

The father of three also said that he wanted to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

“A spiderman needs to make people feel safe. I have done my part. So, do take the vaccine, there is nothing to be afraid of. It is safe and important to protect everyone against Covid-19,” he said.

Mohd Syah, who works as an assistant officer at Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak (TBS) said that he plans to dress up as Iron Man for his next vaccination appointment.

“I am glad to make everyone happy at the PPV. People including staff have come to take photographs with me,” he said.

Chua, the spiderman, takes a photograph with his customers at the bus stop adjacent to Serian Hospital.

Meanwhile, some 50 kilometres from Kuching, Chua Yong Seng, 39, was seen dressed in a spiderman costume and selling beef noodles at a bus stop adjacent to Serian Hospital from 10am to 2pm – trying to make ends meet.

The father of three also operates Seng Seafood Corner in Serian Town but business wasn’t doing well due to the no dine-in rules and the MCO.

Before moving to Serian from his hometown in Sibu, he worked as a general contractor. Chua has been in Serian for ten years now.

“This Covid-19 has really disrupted all of us. It is very challenging for me, so I have been thinking what I should do in order to support my family and to keep the restaurant running.

Chua, the spiderman takes a photograph with a child at the bus stop adjacent to Serian Hospital.

“So, I have decided to come out to sell the beef noodle and at least with some earnings I can buy food for my family as well as pay the bills,” he said, adding that he also needed to pay for the shop rental.

He added that when there are fewer customers patronising his restaurant, he could only earn between RM20 to RM30 a day.

On why he chose to wear a spiderman suit, he said he felt that it was one of the ways he could attract more people to buy from him at the bus stop despite having to sweat in it when the weather is hot.

“I prepare all the ingredients and cook the beef noodles myself which is Halal and selling it for RM8 each. I would also give my customer a bottle of mineral water for free,” he said.

Chua said he has been selling at the bus stop for three days now and able to earn about RM100 to RM200 a day, and might also be looking at other suitable locations to sell.

“I really do hope that this Covid-19 situation can be over soon so that life can return to normal like we used to have,” he said.

For those who want to buy Chua’s beef noodle, he can be contacted at 013-5762779.

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