GPN declines but number of those qualified to receive cert increases

KUCHING: Sarawak has recorded a drop in its overall performance in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations, achieving a National Average Grade (GPN) of 5.19 compared to SPM 2017. A lower GPN indicates better performance.

State Education Department deputy director Abang Mat Ali Abang Masagus said despite the decline by 0.02 points, there is an increase in number of candidates qualified to receive the SPM certificate.

Of the 36,144 candidates who sat for the SPM 2018 examination, 27,792 or 85 per cent managed to obtain their certificates by fulfilling the minimum requirement of a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and History subjects compared to SPM 2017 candidates that recorded just 83 per cent.

“In terms of the School Average Grade (GPS) performance a total of 19 schools achieved a GPS of 4.00 and below, with the top performing schools namely SM Sains Kuching Utara, Padawan scoring (1.94), SM Sains Miri (2.30) and SMK Sacred Heart (2.65),” Abang Mat said when announcing the SPM 2018 results for Sarawak at the State Education Office here yesterday.

He added that the state also saw 23 schools recording at least 10 candidates who achieved a minimum of A- in all subjects.

A total of 40 candidates from SMK Methodist, Sibu achieved A- in all subjects, followed by SMK Sacred Heart, Sibu and SMK St Elizabeth, Sibu with 25 candidates each.

SMK Lutong Miri, SMK Tung Hua, Sibu and SMK St Anthony, Sarikei each recorded 21 candidates; SMK Green Road, Kuching (19), SMK Chung Hua Miri (18), SM Sains Kuching Utara, Padawan (17), SMK Batu Lintang Kuching and SMK Bintulu (16 each).

SMK Sungai Maong Padawan and SMK Tinggi Kuching (15), SMK Sungai Tapang and SMK Tinggi Sarikei (14 each).

Kolej Datu Patinggi Abang Hj, Kuching, SMK St Teresa Kuching and SMK Tiong Hin Sibu (12 each), SMK Deshon Sibu, SMK Merbau Miri, Kolej TDT Haji Bujang Miri, SMK Chung Hua Sibu and SMK Agama Tun Ahmad Zaidi Kuching (10 each).

Commenting further, Abang Mat said a total of eight of state’s 36,144 SPM 2018 candidates sat for the examination held from Nov 13 to Dec 13, scored straight A+.

He said two of the candidates achieved 10A+ in all subjects taken while six candidates achieved 9A+ in all subjects taken.

The two 10A+ candidates were Alvin Soo Qwan of SMK Bintulu and Nur Izzah Athirah Abdul Samat of SMK St Teresa.

The six candidates who achieved 9A+ were Constance Wong Chia Yii of SMK Sg Maong, Muhamad Hazim Isa and Nazmi Ahmad Nizar of SM Sains Kuching Utara, Muhamad Maziz Azri Maznan of SM Sains Miri and Allister Daniel Linggong and Kevin Yok of SMK Merbau.

Meanwhile, in Sabah rural students were reported to have outperformed their urban peers.

Calling it a record of sorts, Sabah Education director Mistirine Radin said 88.18 per cent of candidates in rural schools recorded passing all subjects compared to 87.19 per cent recorded among their urban peers.

He said this indicated that the quality of education in rural schools in the state had been improving every year.

She said the placement of interim teachers in rural schools beginning early last year was one of the main factors contributing to the improvement of rural schools’ achievement.

“This is because all this while, the main problem faced by the Sabah education sector was the lack of teachers in rural areas, however, with the appointment of interim teachers based on option and locality, the move has helped the districts which are in critical need of teachers,” a Bernama report quoted her as telling reporters after announcing SPM 2018 results for Sabah yesterday.

She said the commitment and skills in teaching and learning process displayed by the interim teachers, comprising Sabah-born educators, also impacted the achievement of rural school students.

That apart, performance dialogues focusing on certain issues, that involved collaboration between the academic management, schools and teachers also contributed to the good result, she said.

Earlier, Mistirine said the National Average Grade (GPN) achievement for Sabah showed 0.07 point increase at 5.44 compared to 5.51 in 2017, while the percentage of students who passed all subjects has also recorded an increase of 2.33 per cent to 88.53 per cent compared with 86.20 per cent in 2017.

“A total of 17,420 SPM 2018 candidates passed all subjects including Grade E compared to 17,217 in 2017, while 152 top scorers obtained Grade A (A+, A, and A-) in 2018,” she said.

A total of 22 of the 53 subjects taken by candidates in Sabah achieved 100 percent pass rate, she said.