Spread of fake news worrying

Paulus (seated, third right) officiating at the Batu Danau Community Leadership event in Limbang. Photo: Ukas

LIMBANG: The spread of fake and defamatory information not only confuses the community but also negates the development that the Sarawak government has implemented for the people.

Batu Danau assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang said, for example, the spread of fake news on the Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) project involving the construction of cement road at Kampung Belading had been criticised by netizens. 

“The cement road construction RTP project in Kampung Belading, which was viralled on social media, has received criticism from netizens and accused me of abusing the allocation channelled.

“The fact is the project has been fully completed and this has been confirmed by the implementing agency, that is, Public Works Department (JKR) Limbang, through a report submitted during the Batu Danau constituency RTP coordination meeting.”

According to a report by the Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas), he said this when officiating at the Batu Danau Community Leadership event here on Sunday (April 11).

He further said that if such a situation continued, he would not hesitate to take legal action to ensure this did not happen again.

Paulus said since 2015 until last year, 186 types of development projects had been implemented in the Batu Danau constituency, including the construction of facilities such as buildings, infrastructure, sites, sports, and so on.