Highly sought-after sontong.

SRI AMAN: During the fasting month of Ramadan, “Suntong Tutok or barbecued cuttlefish is definitely a most sought-after snack to enjoy after the tarawih prayers by the people in Sarawak.

Even though there are few stalls selling this delicacy at normal times, they spring up like mushrooms after the rain in the month of Ramadan.

Here, the most popular ‘Suntong Tutok’ stall is at Kampung Hulu.

“Our business has existed for the last 37 years and we are the third generation,” explained trader Ramli Morshidi, 51.

He said the business originally belonged to his own brother, Zamahari @ Adet, 55.

Ramli said the cuttlefish were sold for between RM3 and RM6, depending on their sizes.

Ramli prefers the roller to flatten the sontong.

“After the cuttlefish is chosen, it is roasted for a while to soften it. Then it is flattened with the help of a hammer or a will then be thinner, the process can be made using a hammer or a roller.

“Some people may prefer to flatten the cuttlefish with the help of a hammer but I prefer the roller,” said Ramli who is assisted by his brothers Jafarudin Kamaludin, Rostandi Rosli and Rozyheryadi Rosli at the stall.

He said the demand for the cuttlefish was high during Ramadan, especially after the terawih prayers.

“Not only the locals are looking for it but people who live elsewhere Sri Aman will order it through their friends,” he said.

Highly sought-after sontong.

Added Ramli, “Actually, the cuttlefish we sell are like those at any stall. We get our supply from distributors in Beladin. What distinguishes our barbecued cuttlefish from other cuttlefish is the sambal (chilli sauce),” he said, adding that the recipe he used was a secret recipe that his own brother prepared.