Omar Immun


MUKAH: Mimbar Permuafakatan Ibu Bapa Malaysia (Mapim) Sarawak fully supports the effort of the government to ease the process of enrolment for children without citizenship with government schools starting this year.

Its president Omar Immun said while the government makes such effort, it is his hope that parents will still work hard at getting citizenship for their children.

Omar Immun

“There are still cases of children without citizenship in Sarawak. This is because of some parents are still unaware of the process. Besides, geographical problem is still something that they are facing,” he said.

“They opt for the easier way which is to leave their child stateless which is to the children’s disadvantage.

“In some instances, stateless children continue to find life difficult when they grow up because landing a job becomes a problem as well.

“This coupled with the lack of basic education cause them to be left behind in an era of rapid development.

“Mapim Sarawak views that whatever positive step taken by the government is crucial in terms of empowering them for the future,” he said.