State Govt should upgrade abandoned logging roads

Tamin assemblyman Christopher Gira.

TAMIN assemblyman Christopher Gira appealed to the State Government to upgrade abandoned logging roads within his constituency. 

He said that the roads are one of the main access roads to connect small towns within that area.

“The proposed abandoned areas are the logging roads in Sapudun to Tg Taroh Balingian, Rumah Pengarah to Rumah Emong Ulu Mukah, SK Pakoh to Ng Bunau Ulu Oya, Ng Selangau to Rumah Kundang Ulu, and Rumah Ganya to Rumah Amping Ulu Oya,” he said, also hoping that the government will allocate funds for the upgrading of the roads.

He said this during his debate speech of the State Budget 2019 at the State Legislative Assembly sitting, yesterday.

Meanwhile, Gira also touched on water supply issues for the longhouses in his constituency. 

“Many longhouses are still not getting enough treated water and at the moment, are depending on rain water and the gravity fed water system.

“The areas are Pekan Selangau to Pekan Arip, Jalan Ng Tajam to Ng Dijih Tamin, Jalan Ng Sekauu and Jalan Stapang to Ng Kua, Jalan Ulu Selangau and Jalan Sapudun to Tg Taroh, Jalan Ulu Balingin, Jalan Pelugau and Jalan Bawang Kemana,” he said. 

Gira also mentioned that he is fully supportive of the RM2.8 billion allocation to construct water grids to supply treated water to each area in the state, which is expected to be completed by 2020.

“I wish to see that the above areas mentioned benefit from the supply of treated water by 2020, which is in line with the Chief Minister’s aspiration to provide basic amenities to the rural community. 

“Meanwhile, for those longhouses that are not able to get water supply from the mainline, I hereby propose to the government to provide the alternative programme, Sawas (Sarawak Alternative Water Supply).

“This scheme should be extended to longhouses in the areas of Ulu Oya, Ulu Pakoh, Ulu Mukah, Ulu Selangau and Ulu Balingian,” he said. 

On other matters, Gira said he has yet to receive a reply from the minister in charge on his proposal to set up the Selangau District Council which was raised in the previous sitting.

“The establishment of this council is to provide basic amenities, public infrastructure and professional services to the population under its jurisdiction,” Gira added. 

Gira also added that he was glad to see that development in Sibu Jaya is rapidly growing under the Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC). 

“Nevertheless, because of the council’s commitment towards developing such a big area, some areas within its jurisdiction received less attention.

“Therefore, I propose that areas under the jurisdiction of SRDC to be scaled down to give more effective service.

“For that I would propose a new district council to be established, namely the Selangau District Council,” he said, adding that it will cover areas from Siong, Sekuau, Batang Oya, Selangau and up to Arip.