State Independence Day not dampened by pandemic

Sarawak Day is a memorable day for all Sarawakians as it commemorates Sarawak’s independence from British colonialism on July 22, 1963.

It has been five years since it was declared a public holiday by former chief minister Pehin Seri Adenan Satem and Sarawakians have celebrated it with full vigour.

However, following the Covid-19 pandemic that hit Sarawak last year, celebrations were required to be toned down to curb the spread of the virus but it does not stop others from remembering the significance of the day.

This year’s theme for Sarawak Day is ‘Sarawak Gemilang Untuk Semua’ to acknowledge the fighting spirit and solidarity shown by the people in the state for the past 15 months due to the pandemic.

In honour of the occasion, New Sarawak Tribune managed to seek the public’s opinions to learn more about what the day means to them.

Jamuna Rani Arumugam


Sarawak Day is the day that we convey our gratitude to our warriors for their never-ending battles and sacrifices for the state’s peace. Being born a Sarawakian has always been a blessing in my life and no matter how far I’ll go, my heart will always yearn to return to Sarawak.

Rani Kalemuthu


Sarawak Day serves as a reminder that Sarawak will always hold a special place in my heart. The priceless experiences I had in Sarawak will never be matched by the years I spent away from the motherland. It’s an honour to be a part of Sarawak and I would like to wish all Sarawakians a Happy Sarawak Day!

Kimberly Kho

KIMBERLY KHO (Process governance officer)

Sarawak Day celebrates the unity and peace of Sarawak’s diverse races and religions as we embrace one another’s cultures and traditions. Sarawak Day serves as a constant reminder that we all must work together to preserve our unity and peacefulness.

Mohd Ikhwan Razali


Sarawak Day is a day to honour and remember our frontliners who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Covid-19 pandemic. The frontliners, like our prior independence fighters, are also our warriors as they all work together to keep Sarawak safe.

Loretta Nihol

LORETTA NIHOL (Civil engineer)

Sarawak Day serves as a reminder of our independence fighters’ gift to us. Now, it is our responsibility to handle and maintain it, unbroken, to pass on to our children and our future generations. May the traditions and spirit of unity remain within us.

Evangieline Gerard Mowe


Sarawak Day is a special day for me since it recalls our ancestors’ efforts in the fight for independence. Despite the fact that it is not the same as it had been before due to Covid-19, we should all be celebrating this day to commemorate the challenges they faced in bringing us to this point of comfort.