State records two more deaths

KUCHING: Two new deaths were recorded in Sibu today, bringing the toll in the state to 55.

The State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), in a statement today said the 54th death involves a 66-year-old local woman who was admitted to Sibu Hospital on Jan 30.

“The case tested positive through close contact screening on Jan 15. Her health deteriorated and she was pronounced dead on Feb 8 at 1.14pm.

“The case has comorbidities such as high blood pressure and diabetes, and was from the Pasai Cluster,” it said.

As for the 55th death, SDMC said the victim was a 54-year-old local man who was admitted to Sibu Hospital on Jan 21.

“The case began to experience symptoms of fever, cough and flu starting Jan 10 and was referred to Sibu Hospital on Jan 21. The rT-PCR test conducted on Jan 22 was found to be positive on the same day.

“The case had been given respiratory assistance but his health continued to deteriorate. The case was pronounced dead on Feb 8 at 4.04pm. The case also had high blood pressure,” said SDMC while extending its condolences to the family members of the victims.

Meanwhile, the committee said 111 positive Covid-19 cases were also detected in the state today, which brought the cumulative number of cases statewide to 5,871.

“Of the total, 54 cases were recorded in Sibu, Miri (21), Bintulu (12), Dalat (seven), Kanowit (six), Kapit (five), two each in Beluru and Kuching, and one each in Lawas and Betong,” it

It added that there were also 121 new cases that have recovered and discharged.

“Seventy-seven patients were discharged from Sibu Hospital, Miri Hospital (19), Sarawak General Hospital (13), Kapit Hospital low-risk treatment centre (eight) and Bintulu Hospital (four).

“This brings the total number of cases that has recovered and allowed to be discharged to 3,997 or 67.74 percent,” said SDMC.