State-wide rabies awareness campaign

CAMPAIGN... The organiser presents a poster to residents of Rumah Elizabeth Payong Jakong in Sungai Sebuloh Balingian.

MUKAH: A ‘Rabies Awareness Campaign’ is being conducted throughout the state to raise public awareness of the dangers of the disease.

The campaign aims to inform leaders at the village level and the people in general on preventive measures and dangers of rabies.

“This is to ensure the health and safety of the people throughout the state is not under any unnecessary threat.

“The state government has allocated a huge amount of money to implement the programme.

“Hence it is crucial that all community leaders co-operate with the various government agencies and NGOs to ensure the success of the campaign,” said Mukah district officer Mathew Hubert when officiating at the Mukah District and Balingian sub-district Rabies Awareness Campaign held at Rumah Elizabeth Payong Jakong in Sungai Sebuloh Balingian yesterday.

The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) officer Michael Ulcin reminded the community leaders to inform their respective communities about Operations Rabies in the Mukah and Balingian area beginning early October.

“Rabies operations will commence from Oct 5 to 9 in Mukah and Balingian areas.

“Dog owners are advised to leash or lock up their dogs during that period of time to facilitate the vaccination of their pets,” he said.

For the record, rabies cases were first recorded in Mukah in October 2018 involving four locations, namely Pekan Dalat, Pekan Balingian, Pasar Mukah and Tanjung Manis.

Meanwhile in Miri, rabies operation is set to begin and will involve civil servants and community leaders.

Miri District Administrative Officer Edward Tawang said the rabies operation would be divided into several groups according to the respective zones in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

“Community leaders and village chiefs will be divided into groups by region and designated as ‘pointers’ to validate strays that do not live in their area,” he said at the Health Department Rabies Disease Briefing session with the KMKK Miri, yesterday.

To date, 19 cases of rabies infection have been registered and 18 deaths recorded since the outbreak in July 2017.

Also present at the briefing session was Miri Health Department medical officer Joseph Unja.

CAMPAIGN… The organiser presents a poster to residents of Rumah Elizabeth Payong Jakong in Sungai Sebuloh Balingian.