KUCHING: TVS has received praise from the masses after its launch recently.

TVS aims to broadcast fresh and inspirational programmes, including daily news, community activities, women, culture, entertainment, health and business topics.

Hamzah Buang

Hamzah Buang, 48, who works in the public sector, finds TVS unique as it focuses on the activities of locals in both urban and rural areas.

“I especially like the programme Rezeki Air. In my opinion, overall, TVS has done a very good job but it also needs to highlight the issues of Sarawakians.”

He recommended that TVS include shows on food and places-to-visit recommendations to promote Sarawak further.

“I believe there are a lot of places that need to be highlighted for tourism purposes. I suggest that TVS rearrange the programme timing by taking into account the religious and age factors of their viewers.”

Mohammad Hafiz Hassan

Mohammad Hafiz Hassan, 34, who works as an assistant research officer, says the existence of TVS is very significant to those who live in Peninsular Malaysia.

“As the Covid-19 has worsened nowadays, TVS has contributed a lot to those who long for Sarawak. At the very least, they are able to see Sarawak and its beauty from afar via TVS.”

Hafiz also said that his favourite programme was Lan Berdagang.

“You see, I am very fond of business related and entrepreneurship because I am an entrepreneur myself, and so are my families. To see someone of a similar field and selling various things is very interesting.

“Aside from that, I hope that TVS would highlight the specialty, uniqueness of races in Sarawak. Sarawak itself has almost more than 30 ethnic groups. I am very sure viewers would be interested in each race’s history, lifestyle, stories on their beliefs and culture.”

In addition, Hafiz suggested that TVS air its programmes on terrestrial television in order to give more exposure to its contents as some households do not possess Astro (cable TV).

Abd Razak Hamdan

Meanwhile, Abd Razak Hamdan, 23, who works as an entrepreneur, also gave his opinions.

“TVS is brilliant to have established its station during this era of fake news. Since it launched its news segment and other programmes, I am confident it is delivering trustworthy news and shows to viewers.”

His favourite programme in TVS is the daily news segment. “The professional presenters are delivering news in four languages from morning till night, which keeps the viewer’s constantly updated.”

He also commented that although TVS was good but current programmes were not competent enough to compare with those from international productions.

“I suggest that educational dramas be shown instead of romance dramas that do not even educate the younger generation.

“We should come up with something creative and intellectual dramas or programmes in order to educate our citizens, instead of delivering old style and unmotivated story lines.”

Vissudhi Ma

Vissudhi Ma, 35, who works as a public servant, feels proud of the establishment of TVS, as it is a channel which is available not only to locals but foreigners staying in Malaysia.

Vissudhi added that she enjoyed watching The Penan Project and Borneo From Above that falls under culture, arts and tourism.

“It opened my eyes to the land where I belong. Through the said programmes, I get a better understanding of the people, their livelihood, their food, their culture.”

Vissudhi recommended that TVS broadcasts should not only be on Astro, but on more platforms.

“I hope that TVS make multi-language subtitles as an option for the audiences as we tend to lose interest when we don’t understand.

“On another note, some programmes tend to have a loud music background than the voiceover and the station should enhance the skills of the TV host to look more confident and comfortable when appearing on screen.”