Stay safe, work from home

Clarence Ting

KUCHING: The spike in Covid-19 cases in Sibu has rendered the district unsafe, hence residents must stay at home during the movement control order (MCO) period.

Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) chairman Clarence Ting said businesses which are still operating from offices in the district must make the necessary changes to their working arrangements.

“I am writing this message to all those who are working in offices, to be wary – stop it. Take leave if you have to, Covid-19 is everywhere in Sibu town.

“I’m also addressing those who are in charge of personnel to give clear guidelines to their staff on the standard operating procedure (SOP) as well as guidelines for their lifestyle after office hours.

“What they do will have profound effect on their colleagues. During this Covid-19 outbreak, personal choices have to take a back seat to group wellbeing,” he said in a Facebook post.

Ting said the choices made by the management of companies in Sibu would affect the staff and their families, adding that they should be more sensible in making decisions and safety must be the utmost priority.

On the increasing cases of Covid-19 in the district, the SMC chairman said the outbreak which first occurred in Pasai Siong had spread to longhouses under the jurisdiction of the council.

“It started in Pasai Siong which is 40km away, now it has spread to longhouses in SMC areas.

“It has been more than 10 days since the first infection of 37 cases in Pasai Siong was announced. With the cluster continuing to balloon, the lockdown area appeared to be not big enough,” he said.

Ting said the relevant authorities needed to make urgent decision as the infection number has exceeded 800 cases and more people were reported to be infected by the virus.