Stern action against those selling vape to minors

KUA LA LUMPUR: S t e r n action will be taken against thos e who s ell ele ctronic cigarettes or vape to children under the age of 18, said Deputy Health Minister Dr Lee Boon Chye.

He said the ministry viewed seriously the disturbing trend of teenagers vaping and it needed to be addressed immediately as it was feared that it would cause a decline in the morals of the younger generation, as well as more social problems.

Tobacco Act soon to regulate, tobacco, cape and shisha products. Photo: Bernama

“It’s worrying when we see s chool students and teenagers get so attracted to vaping. We will take action against those who sell vape to individuals under the age of 18 because it can cause a major social problem, if not now, maybe in the future,” he told reporters when met at the Asian CEO Forum here yesterday.

On the extension of the education enforcement period on the smoking ban at eateries, Dr Lee said drastic measures including imposing a fine on smokers would not be carried out for now as the main objective was to raise public awareness on the smoking ban.

Despite the lack of awareness especially in rural areas, efforts to educate more smokers to respect the ban would be continued until Jan 1, 2020, he added. – Bernama